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One of the benefits to using a tab is that it keeps all three fingers together on one surface. This allows the string to clear the tab with minimal effect preventing errant shots. From experience, I get asked the same question, how do I hold longer and steadier. The stronger you are, the longer and steadier you can hold your bow on target. If you want to be able to shoot further, then you must practice shooting further. Brush ButtonsOne last bit of gear that is often overlooked when thinking about setting up a new bow, is a quality bow case.

From I-24 (approximately 5.5 miles to the range) take the Old Hickory Blvd. exit . Go North on Old Hickory Blvd. and cross Murfreesboro Rd. (highways 41 & 70 South) onto Hobson Pike. From I-40 (approximately 8.3 miles to the range) take Mt. Juliet exit .

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Many garage doors are made out of thin sheet metal like material, so keep that in mind when building an indoor range. Unfortunately, some of you may find that practicing archery is not legal in your area. If that’s the case, there are some other alternatives to think about.

Other than those, the most common injury is slapping the wrist with the bowstring, which does hurt, but can be prevented through use of proper equipment and instruction. Some traditional archers would argue that indoor archery practice undermines the organic and authenticity of shooting bows and arrows outdoors. Practice in a variety of conditions and positions is necessary for successful long-range shots on the hunt. Once in the field, responsible hunters know their limitations and don’t take shots outside their accurate shooting range.

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  • The following steps must be done everytime you change your bowstring or find your nocking point is incorrect.
  • A good limit to walk is about 1 ½ – 2 inches which are, more or less, the equivalent of walking three fingers.
  • I’ll take the recurve out from time to time to add a little variety and to remind myself of when I first started shooting.
  • So really, unless you want to remain as traditional as possible I would highly recommend shooting off a rest rather than off the shelf.
  • If a bow is not strung correctly, that stress on the limbs can ruin the bow permanently or even causes serious injury.