Five methods for perfecting the art of VC rate dating

Five methods for perfecting the art of VC rate dating

The sound issue

Find out how new cloud-based API solutions are re solving imperfect, frustrating sound in video conferences.

Is choosing funding really all of that distinctive from finding love?

I recently had the chance to go to VC within the OC during the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach. This {one-day event showcased|event tha mixture of panels and the site keynote speakers, culminating with a fascinating concept this is certainly gaining interest in the startup community: VC Speed Dating.

The idea is pretty self-explanatory. lots of endeavor capitalists in attendance to use tables lining the space, as the entrepreneurs fall into line behind the VC they’d like to talk to. Each entrepreneur had less than three minutes to pitch the VC and answer any quick questions before moving on to the next person at this particular event.

VC Speed Dating provides a great chance to get some face time with numerous possible investors in a brief period of the time. It's fun, but can additionally be stressful, therefore here are a few ideas to assist you to optimize your experience:
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