You can edit orders that are standing Direct Debits making payments firmly.

You can edit orders that are standing Direct Debits making payments firmly.

Feature and great things about your app

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Exactly What benefits does the application offer?

Make Payments

All within the palm of one's hand

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Manage all re payments and transfers for all of the reports in one single application. Just select ‘Pay & transfer’ at the bottom of your display screen.

Edit regular payments

Edit standing purchases and Direct Debits by selecting ‘Pay & transfer’ at the bottom of the display.

Forward cash abroad

Sending cash abroad from your own Sterling account is straightforward. Go through the ‘Pay & transfers’ symbol, then enter who you wish to send money to when.

Invest in Euros and US Dollars

Make use of your debit card such as a multi-currency card abroad by creating a ‘Travel Wallet’ in your application. You’ll lock-in a change rate when you credit your wallet and you won’t pay any costs when creating babylon escort Minneapolis acquisitions or withdrawing cash abroad in the local money 1 . There’s no wasted change it back to British Pounds as you can ch se to leave the currency in your Travel Wallet for next time or convert.

Manage your cards

View your Card and PIN quantity

Forgotten your pin or don't have your debit card on you? No problem. Utilizing the Barclays app you may get a quick and secure reminder.

Limit your retailers

You are able to block your card from getting used with particular merchants, such as for instance gambling or websites that are premium-rate phone lines.

Lost your card?

There’s no have to cancel your card, and then believe it is once more. You can now temporarily freeze your card while you l k for it. Click ‘Quick links’, then ‘Cards’, where you can select ‘Temporary freeze’. Then cancel it in the app if you really have lost it, you can.

Travelling abroad

The travel that is new permit you to put limitations in your account, both home and abroad.Read more