For apartment building owners, Bing Fiber may be a sell that is tough

For apartment building owners, Bing Fiber may be a sell that is tough

Promising superspeed online connections might someday be as critical to drawing tenants to flats as off-street parking or on-site washing devices.

Nevertheless the upfront price of wiring ratings of flats to Bing Fiber could possibly be too high for a few landlords.

And that could set the phase for a Kansas City by having a deepened digital divide between its home owners and apartment dwellers - the latter left with ordinary down load rates while their generally speaking wealthier next-door next-door neighbors jet ahead.

Bing requires landlords to foot the $ installation cost that is 300-per-unit. Multiply that across a bigger building or apartment complex - the ongoing business insists on operating the cables to all or any flats in a building or none - and also the cost quickly can add up.

Installing Bing Fiber via a complex with 350 flats, as an example, would price the house owner significantly more than $100,000. Bing will not provide bulk discounts for building owners, Bing Fiber's mind of product sales Mike Gottfried stated, though it does enable the re re payments to be manufactured in installments over twelve months.

That cost that is hefty earn some property holders reluctant to have Bing Fiber inside their structures, stated Crosby Kemper III, Kansas City Public Library manager.Read more