You will have a connection between race and gender, in a way that African US women

You will have a connection between race and gender, in a way that African US women

Hypothesis 2

Will report more negative attitudes toward homosexual guys than toward lesbians.



Individuals were 224 self-identified heterosexual women between your many years of 18 and 30 have been recruited through the Department of Psychology undergraduate research pool at a big metropolitan college within the southeastern united states of america. The psychology division is one of many biggest when you look at the liberal arts college and reflects the broad local variety for the undergraduate pupils. Individuals taken care of immediately a statement en en titled, “Cultural Differences in personal Attitudes. ” All individuals received partial program credit with their involvement.

As recommended by Savin-Williams (2006), individuals’ heterosexual orientation ended up being determined via their reactions to your Kinsey Heterosexuality-Homosexuality Rating Scales (KRS; Kinsey, Pomeroy, & Martin, 1948). More particularly, among self-identified heterosexual individuals, an orientation that is heterosexual verified by endorsement of exclusive heterosexual arousal to men (in other words., no reported sexual arousal to ladies) and sexual experiences that took place mostly or solely with guys. As noted by Savin-Williams (2006), intimate orientation is many reliably evaluated whenever numerous aspects of intimate orientation ( ag e.g., arousal, behavior, self-identification) are congruent. Furthermore, considering work regarding intimate orientation identification, Savin-Williams (2006) recommended that the greatest concern be provided with to indices of sexual arousal rather than self-identification and reports of intimate behavior.Read more