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helps to have a workout partner ready to slip plates off the bar or

move the pin in a machine weight stack.

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For example, you might

do Bench Presses with the heaviest weight on the bar you can

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handle for six reps.

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Say that weight is 300 pounds.

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Aft!;r you have

failed, your partner would quickly strip off weight so that you

could do more reps with 250 pounds.

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I don't recommend going

too low, however, unless you are training for maximum definition, because you won't grow by handling weights that are too

light. Many bodybuilders use this principle in a different way by

working their way down a dumbbell rack as they do more sets of

an exercise and get more and more tired (see Running the Rack,


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During your one-minute rest period between sets, don't just sit

around watching your training partner do his set.

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flex and contract the muscles you are training. This not only

keeps them pumped and ready for more action, but is in itself a

very beneficial kind of exercise. Flexing is a form of isometric

exercise, and isometrics (although they do not usually apply to

bodybuilding because they do not work your muscles through

their entire range of motion) involve very intense muscle contractions. A bodybuilder who poses and flexes in the gym, watching himself in the mirror, is not doing so out of vanity.